Plus size all beauty

12 07 2012

I had a glamour session with Eva who is a plus size woman. Eva is such a beautiful woman and I loved shooting her.

Beneath you can read about the session from Eva’s perspective, as posted on her blog

Two weeks ago, the first of July I went for a glamour shoot with photographer Rikke Hass and make up artist Cheryl Corea. I was really looking forward to it, as Rikke is a really great photographer and when looking at Cheryl’s work, I knew it could only be good this session.
I brought about four sets of clothing, different outfits, but all which featured my body best. Therefore no loose outfits this day. We started looking at the outfits and decided which to use, we talked about make up and the session in general. The focus was on me and my personality and not a creative fashion shoot.
Then Cheryl started to do my make up, a subtle daily looking make up with soft eyes and lips. It looked really good. After that shoot, we went for something a bit darker and put more eye shadow on my eyes, for a more smokey look for the next two outfits.
During the shoot, Rikke was really great to tell me how to relax, to pose and gave me some cheering statements. It helped a lot and made me focus on myself. It is actually difficult to have a soft smile, when you are shooting, it could easily look stiff and fake. Rikke also made me focus on my waist and hips, by  telling me to place my hands at my waist line and/or emphasizing on my hips by tilting to either side.

It was a really nice experience and I felt very comfortable. Rikke showed me some of the photos during the shoot and it looked good, that also helped my spirit, to be ensured great pictures!
I am so happy about the results, it’s a new look for me as a model. A more personal, natural and pretty look. Maybe a little to pretty as I normal look, but a beautiful look. My favourite is actually the last one with the more innocent look, I really love it!

This shoot is something every woman should try! I guarantee feel good day with focus on you only. It would be great for insecure women who can’t see their own beauty, for your own portrait or for your husband, or just for yourself and your vanity! The price is not student friendly, but it’s definitely worth it!
Below I have attached some of the pictures from the shoot, if you want to see more, please take a look at my Facebook page.

Do you like them?”

Eva’s words means everything to me, but most of all, I am so very happy that she had a wonderful time and love her photos. That is what I want for every person I shoot to feel
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3 responses

13 07 2012
Jeni Johnson

Hey gorgeous! How can you consider your self a plus size. Are you kidding? You look perfect!

13 07 2012

Hi Jeni

I too think Eva looks beautiful. So the question you have to ask Eva on her blog :-)

Thanks for commenting

13 07 2012

HI Jeni,
As a model I would consider myself a plus size woman as I am about a size EU42.

Thanks for the compliments! I means a lot :)
And thanks to Rikke for the nice words and the fab shooting!

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